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ALP Bristol Primary delivers high-quality practical learning episodes to enable students to develop the skills needed to be successful in school and beyond.
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Preparing students to successfully re-enter the world of mainstream education


We include literacy, numeracy, PSHE, LEGO therapy learning, art, physical education, catering and life skills, whilst helping students develop the necessary social and emotional skills to be prepared to cope with everyday situations.

We currently have a branch in Kingswood, Bristol and students travel from various regions of Bristol, South Glos and BANES to attend our sessions.

We are an ‘approved provider’ in all of the above Local Authorities, plus all our units are run by qualified teachers and experienced school leaders.

We have various student pathways available for the students, including 1, 2 or 3 days a week or a bespoke placement on request.

We offer short, medium or long term placements on agreement and work to prepare students for their transition back to fulltime mainstream education.


Our LEGO room is a large space for students to showcase their creativity using the LEGO bricks as inspiration. Students follow the accredited ‘LEGO learning system’ to build up their skills over time.

It has a range of work stations, including both standing and sitting, so all feel comfortable when at work.

Staff will be there to guide and support with the building of LEGO, including asking questions about their work and improving both their SEMH and fine motor skills.

Primary kitchen


Our fully equipped kitchen enables us to provide hot meals, drinks and snacks for everyone on site.

Our food safety accredited staff teach catering skills, including basic preparation and cooking methods for everyday foods. We also build up a range of baking skills, bringing some creativity into the kitchen.

We cooperatively produce meals for the group on a daily basis and use maths skills to measure out ingredients and teach the students about portion size and having a healthy/balanced eating lifestyle.


Our classroom benefits from the latest IT facilities to support learning. Teaching is delivered in the classroom through discussion, modelling and practice or directly to students’ interactive devices through our IT system.

We have a group table set up to encourage social interaction within the group, so that discussions and cooperation is promoted throughout all activities.


Art room

Art Room

Our Art workshop is a large open space, to provide all with a room to be creative in any direction their ideas take them.

They have the opportunity to use a range of materials to create artworks and simple woodwork designs.

Staff will model some simple projects to get them started, before they can use these skills to create new projects of their choice.

Sports Room

Our Sports room has a variety of sporting equipment for us to use to play group games and teach students basic physical education skills.

We will complete daily Physical Educational lessons to promote being healthy, supporting social skills and using our energy in a positive and creative way.

All staff members have a love for sports, which is promoted throughout the unit as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Sports room
Office, Meeting Room & Toilets

Office, Meeting Room & Toilets

Our centre also includes offices for the admin team, meeting rooms where we can discuss learners’ progress with parents/carers and school, and adequate toilet facilities for everyone on site.

Reading Room

Our reading room is an important area that will be used every day to improve our students’ understanding of literacy. Squashy beanbags help create a comfortable environment for our learners to lose themselves in fiction.

Students experience shared, guided and independent daily reading opportunities. This will ensure all children develop reading fluency by reading authentic natural language stories every day. Children read in small groups or one to one with staff, who use a session guide to structure the episode, and to support independent engagement with, and independent enjoyment of, a range of story books.

Reading room

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