Our Mission

The mission of our organisation is simple: we support schools, Local Authorities and young people to access high-quality, work-related learning through bespoke education plans.

Students enjoy our unique learning environment which is based on personal choice and independent working practices.

We offer a range of opportunities for practical skill acquisition, along with numeracy and literacy support, plus engagement with PDC topics and work/life-skills learning. We show ALP students that engagement in their current phase of education is vital for them to thrive in the world of work.

Our day is ‘chunked’ into manageable episodes to ensure focus can be maintained. It is clear to schools and parents/carers alike that our learners benefit from the fresh start we offer, our small setting and the personalised support available to every learner.

We undertake BOXALL assessments and share the resulting profiles with schools, along with certified, recommended interventions and personal targets for the students to engage with. This can aid us to unpick any mental health or behavioural needs and assist educators to more effectively manage student behaviours, thus enabling students to reintegrate and succeed at school.

We support schools to manage students’ complex special educational needs (SEN) including social, emotional and mental health conditions, as well as diagnoses such as autistic spectrum condition (ASC) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). We can provide schools with detailed information that can be used towards applications for education, health and care plans (EHCPs), and other SEND diagnoses.

Small Group Learning

We believe that small group sizes are essential for accelerated student progress, this way each learner receives more  personal attention from our trainers and will experience fewer distractions that arise from large group sizes.

We enrol a maximum of 9 students on each site every day, allowing us to deliver bespoke education plans, and confidently safeguard each individual.

We operate a 1:3 staff/student ratio, meaning that learners are always working in small groups with our trainers and there are never times when students are left unsupervised.

Small Group Learning


The Alternative Learning Provision (Bristol) is established by highly qualified teachers who have held multiple Senior Leadership positions in local secondary schools. Roles have included Head and Deputy Head of School, Designated Safeguarding Leader (DSL), Head of Design & Technology, Pastoral Leader, Behaviour Manager, and Health & Safety Leader.

We have specialist teachers, who have historically been graded OFSTED ‘outstanding’, in the areas of Design & Technology, Engineering, Construction and Science. Our teachers continue to bring education to life in a way that enables students to understand why their current learning is so important to their future achievement.

Our staff also have related industry experience and inherently understand the world of work outside of academia.

We firmly believe in the need for literacy and numeracy competency and will demonstrate to young people the importance of these skills in the craft and technical trades.