ALP Success Stories

October 2023

We are very proud of the progress that all of our students make at ALP Bristol.

We believe in their ability to grow from the starting point of problematic school situations, to experiencing success in the working world. We have specialist staff at each unit who deal with student transitions so they have the best chance to move on from us positively, whether it is reintegrating back to school, moving from primary to secondary schools, or looking for college places and apprenticeship opportunities.

We are especially proud of our many students who have gone on to succeed in college places and related apprenticeships after a placement with us.

Here are just a few:

Ayden: unique and talented

Ayden came to us completely disenchanted with the educational system after years of feeling he was failing to achieve his potential.

He did not ‘fit’ into the standard school model, resulting in spells in the isolation room and exclusions. It was instantly clear to us what a talented and unique individual he was and he thrived in our environment, learning myriad skills in carpentry, electrical wiring, bricklaying, catering and painting & decorating.

We were able to help him with his apprenticeship applications, acted as a reference for him and were thrilled to hear that he had secured an apprenticeship in painting & decorating with a company a stone’s throw from the ALP site he attended.

He has made a success of this opportunity and we regularly see him buzzing around on his moped in between jobs.

Well done Ayden, we always believed in you and think you are destined for great things!

Jamie showed a real flair for catering

Jamie came to us feeling he had very limited skills and was at a low ebb when he joined. We helped build up his confidence and self-esteem and taught him many of the social skills he would need in the world of work.

Jamie showed a real flair for catering and was soon cooking hot meals of increasing complexity for everyone on site, such as roast dinners, curries with home-made naan breads, and millionaires shortbread for dessert!

He coupled this practical learning with academic studies in catering, nutrition and food safety, through our online platform and staff support.

At the end of the year, Jamie had a repertoire of delicious meals to call upon and was regularly cooking for family and friends.

With our encouragement and support as a reference, he secured a college place and a part time job at a local restaurant, and we hope that he will go on to fulfil his dream of being a successful chef.

Will the bricklayer

Will has had a difficult few years, attending multiple schools in the local area with little success and wondering if he had lost the opportunity to achieve the success he was capable of. He came to us at ALP and told us right away: ‘I’m going to be an amazing bricklayer’. We didn’t doubt his resolve, and when we saw his practice, we very soon started to agree with him.

Natural talent is one thing, but it must be fostered by an experienced tutor and that is what Will received from ALP.

With us, he has learnt to lay complex walls, pillars, corner walls, paving slab steps and cavity wall structures, sometimes using challenging Flemish-bond patterns. He understands how to use pointing and gap sizes professionally to make his builds stand out from the crowd.

He has his apprenticeship lined up and with his advanced skill-set in this area, he cannot fail to impress and cause a big stir in local construction circles.

We have a number of students that we have encouraged to sign up for ‘multi-trade’ apprenticeships and who have subsequently been successful.

Our model to teach students skills in all areas of the construction industry puts them in an excellent position to join this particular pathway and be head and shoulders above their contemporaries applying for the same positions.

This year we are expanding our work to ensure all eligible students are signed up and ready to make informed apprenticeship applications.

Students can focus on their chosen area of study with us for the rest of the year to improve their skills further and become the obvious choice for any employer.

We hope and expect to see many more ALP England success stories from our incredible young people in the years to come.